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Beginning in late 2015, an epidemic of Zika Virus (ZIKV) spread throughout the Caribbean, peaking in August 2016 and declining rapidly from September-December 2016. 

Background and Complications

Response to Zika

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The Caribbean Public Health Agency together with CARPHA Member States (CMS), and regional and international partners have taken active steps to prepare the region’s response to the Zika outbreak.

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Community Outreach

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Communication tools developed by CARPHA, in collaboration with regional and international partners to promote public awareness and education. 

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Awareness Survey

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CARPHA 's exploratory research to better understand how people make decisions to identify the best modalities for the providing ZIKA related public health messaging.

Release Date: July 7, 2017

Surveillance and Testing

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The CARPHA laboratory serves as the regional reference laboratory for a number of its Member States. At the start of the Zika outbreak, the Agency’s laboratory capacity was strengthened in response to the increase in testing demand.

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Media Release

CARPHA's Caribbean-Public-Health-Day

Even though the number of cases of Zika have significantly declined from the outbreak of 2016, there is still need for continued vigilance and action on mosquito borne diseases.

War on Mosquitoes

Past Public Health Days

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Activities of past Caribbean Public Health Days


Impact of ZIKV

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The public health and economic implications of the ZIKV vector, Aedes aegypti and its associated complications are of great concern to the Caribbean government.

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Impact on tourism

The consequences of reduced tourist numbers for the millions of people in the Caribbean whose livelihoods depend on the sector can be serious, contributing to adverse economic and social burden on Caribbean economies. 

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New Technologies

CARPHA's Caribbean-Public-Health-Day

New approaches aimed at strengthening national capacities for the population control of Aedes mosquito species transmitting dengue, chikungunya and Zika.

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