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Youth is a crucial period for establishing positive health and social behaviours. It is a time when young persons aged 15-29 years, transition from childhood through adolescence to independent adulthood. It is a period when they undergo emotional and physical changes. Although our Caribbean youths are generally healthy, a growing number of factors influence their health. These include family and community, environmental factors, socioeconomic factors, and health factors such as communicable diseases, violence and injury, body weight, physical activity, nutrition and substance use.

Dr St John

Poor health in this group can be detrimental to national economies, through direct economic losses for treatment and indirect costs of lost productivity. It is therefore critical that the health and well-being of our young people are promoted and protected as a critical ingredient to the social, health and productivity agendas for the Region. It is with this in mind that Caribbean Wellness Day (CWD) 2017 focuses on the Youth under the theme “Securing a Future Generation through Eating Healthy and Not Smoking” with the slogan "Be fresh, be cool, reduce the risk." Read more

CWD Concept

Caribbean Wellness Day (CWD) is observed every year on the second Saturday of September. Inaugurated in 2008, CWD is an annual event which provides an opportunity to increase the awareness of the non-communicable diseases (NCDs) burden in the Caribbean; mobilise and strengthen public, private, and civil society partnerships for NCDs; promote multi country, multisectoral activities in support of wellness; and showcase national and community level activities to promote healthy living and encourage residents to develop good health practices. Read more

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A healthy snack day and the grand finale of the weight loss challenge are some of the activities planned for CWD 2017. The full listing of activities are available HERE. POSTER

Join exercise sessions led by the Royal Bahamas Defense Force from 7am - 8am on Arawak Cay Saturday and Sunday mornings. See more activities. Video of activities.

This year’s activities will include a mass outdoor beach event. Check it out!

Annual Caribbean Wellness Day Workforce Fun Run/Walk and other plans of the BVI Health and Wellness Council. HERE

Dominica celebrates a month of activities. Get Involved.

Guyana organises school health theatre plays. Check out their activities.

Sneaker Day 2017 and other initiatives are planned for CWD 2017. Get Involved.

The Non-Communicable Diseases Program, Health Promotion Unit - Ministry of Health, has created a schedule of activities in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Caribbean Wellness Day and observance of Caribbean Wellness Week. See the full schedule. HERE.

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Caribbean Node of the Virtual Campus for Public Health

Tobacco and Public Health: From theory to practice (2016 version)


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