The Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) is able to deliver services to our Member States primarily through quota contributions and grants received from a range of International Development Partners (IDPs). Quota contributions received from our Member States support mainly the operational costs of the Agency, while the grants cover the programme costs. Grants account for roughly 45-50% of the annual budget of the Agency. These grants normally take the form of projects that are developed collaboratively and are aligned to both the mandate of CARPHA and the needs of the Member States.

The intent of the range of projects implemented by the Agency is to contribute to its vision and mission. CARPHA seeks to develop projects that are results-oriented and provide mutual benefit to our respective stakeholders. Using good practice in project management coupled with the technical expertise of our staff, we seek to implement projects that create value and address the needs of our Member States; acknowledge the contributions of our IDPs aiming to respond to the overall public health priorities of the Caribbean.


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